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This is for people who are probably already members of

Cyclescape should be a valuable resource for highlighting and discussing some of the many issues that bicycle users in Edinburgh would like to see improved.

The area designated reflects the area where most CCE members live/cycle. It may be expanded - or reduced if other people create more-local groups.

In general it is probably better to start discussions on CCE but record important ones here - and cross reference back showing people exactly where things are (geographically) and (should) be able to keep a more manageable record of issues/problems/opportunities.

  • Slow crossing of ODR

    Created by FrenchyF // 1 thread

    It can take up to 5 minutes to cross from the east side of Little France Drive to the west side of ODR, as there are four stages of pedestrian crossings.

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  • Frogston Road

    Created by FrenchyF // 0 threads

    Frogston Road should have footways on both sides of the road, segregated cycle paths and at least two more pedestrian crossings.

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  • Fairmilehead crossroads

    Created by FrenchyF // 1 thread

    The carriageway here is a weird concave shape. This creates a pinchpoint, with some drivers trying to overtake cyclists before the bottleneck.

    The pavement should be widened to form a normal convex shape.

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  • Ferniehill Road junction

    Created by FrenchyF // 0 threads

    Junction radii need to be drastically reduced, and parking/loading prohibitions put in place.

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  • Awkward right turn on to NCR76/ NCR1

    Created by Pierhead // 1 thread

    Travelling from North Queensferry the entrance to NCR76 / NCR1 involves a right turn while moving downhill at the very point in the road where the double white lines on the road change to dashed lines (to allow overtaking).

    The double white lines prevent overtaking for several hundred yards before this (though drivers do not always comply).

    Often by the time a cyclist reaches this junction from North Queensferry there following vehicles which are trying to overtake just at the very point where the cyclist must indicate right with one hand while braking with the other hand before making a right turn into a narrow bike lane at a tight angle.

    This often feels dangerous, especially when several cars are trying to overtake. The "no overtaking" zone (solid double white lines in centre of road) should be extended beyond this turning point and warning signage provided for drivers. The entrance to the bike lane needs widened and the angle of entry from the road relaxed.

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  • Liberton Brae junction

    Created by FrenchyF // 0 threads

    Add pedestrian crossings to Kirk Brae, Blackford Glen Road and Mayfield Road.

    Extend ASL on Mayfield Road ~3m forward, so that cyclists start on the flat. Advanced green lights for cyclists.

    Painted ("car", not cycle) lanes through the junction. A cycle lane from Liberton Brae to Mayfield Road should be considered.

    Allow left turns for cyclists from Kirk Brae and Mayfield Road.

    Single yellow lines on Mayfield Road should apply till at least 9:30am (currently 9:15am).

    Braefoot Terrace should have double yellow lines, single yellow kerb flashes. No loading should apply till at least 9:30am.

    Liberton Brae should have double yellow lines and single yellow kerb flashes northbound, at least as far as Alnwickhill Road. Southbound, there should be at least single yellow lines and kerb flashes - ideally double yellows.

    Replace the traffic island near the southernmost entrance to KB with a proper pedestrian crossing.

    Currently, if you are only able to filter to the end of the southbound bike lane on Mayfield Road, you almost certainly don't get through the junction at the next green light. The bike lane should continue past the pub, at least.

    Ban motorised traffic going from Mayfield Road to Kirk Brae? Too radical?

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  • Narrow gate on NCN1 at Newcraighall

    Created by FrenchyF // 1 thread

    NCN passes through Newcraighall Park, and the access point is less than 1m wide, which makes life difficult for cargo bikes, trailers etc.

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  • DfT Policy Paper - Inclusive Transport Strategy

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Lots of interesting stuff about inclusive transport regarding trains, buses, cars, public realm, streets and yes a bit about cycling too. Quotes:

    Shared Space:

    8.11 While we consider CIHT and DPTAC’s recommendations and how to take them
    forward, we are requesting that local authorities pause any shared space schemes
    incorporating a level surface they are considering, and which are at the design stage.
    We are also temporarily suspending Local Transport Note 1/11. This pause will allow
    us to carry out research and produce updated guidance.

    Objectives regarding Cycling:

    • Update Local Transport Note 2/08, which sets out the Department’s guidance to
    local authorities on designing safe and inclusive infrastructure for cyclists, to take
    account of developments in cycling infrastructure since its publication in 2008 and
    the responses to the draft AAP consultation and publish a revised version by early
    • By 2020, explore the feasibility of amending legislation to recognise the use of
    cycles as a mobility aid71 in order to increase the number of disabled people

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