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  • New path in Inch Park

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 2 threads

    Have a new shared path on the Est side of Inch Park, connecting Glenallan Drive, Old Dalkeith Road and Cameron Toll.

    This would be a very useful connection that allows cyclists (and pedestrians) to avoid parts of busy Old Dalkeith Road.

    There is no real reason why a proper path can't be built there; dog walkers walk along the suggested route all the time (on the grass).

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  • Parking in Inch Park

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 1 thread

    Often a lot of parking on the grass, in laybys etc., especially during sports event, but also other days.

    There is a small parking area in front of the Sports Centre, mainly disabled bays, and a large car park in front of Inch House.

    The council has over time added more and more grasscrete areas on the eastern part of the road for about 12 cars, I've been told they were not in the original planning permission.

    The provision of parking attracted more and more drivers into the park as there is now an expectation that one can park close to the sports centre, this has become the norm rather than the exception (for people with disabilities, deliveries etc).

    Needed are
    - bollards along the road to protect the grass
    - clear signage
    - reduce the parking spaces within the park to the minimum to discourage drivers.

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